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Life is worth living and not only is it worth living it is worth living abundantly.  Life is forever changing and whatever the situation is several things are going to happen at the same time.

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1.       You are going to change physically, mentally and spiritually.

2.      The days are going to continue and the sun is going to raise in the morning.

3.      Other people are going to change.

4.      Situations are going to change.

If you have found yourself in a deep hole and need immediate help call 911 or  view another site that is better suited to help.  I have found a site that has trained  people willing and able to help;  http://www.thetrevorproject.org

A good example of changes was presented by a city councilman Joel Burns from Fort Worth  He presented in front of the city council October 2010 that describes feelings he had during his childhood.  He made it through that time and is now a City Councilman and has now presented on his past and is on a panel with President Obama about Bullying.  Attached is his video Joel Burns Fort Worth Councilman about bullying

This weeks highlight


This week I posted a blog “Today is the beginning” located under the “Blog” TabI originally wrote it for my Tae Kwon Do students but I decided I should record under my blogs.