Chang Moo Kwan

                   My Chang Moo Kwan Book                  


Welcome to Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do.  Chang Moo Kwan is a Korean martial art and is one of the six original schools that created an organization called Tae Kwon Do and is one of the most practiced forms of martial arts around the world.  Our style is a little different than most Tae Kwon Do that you see because we choose to keep our style close to the original style that our teacher Supreme Grand Master Nam Suk Lee taught us who was the Co-founder of Chang Moo Kwan and the 2nd president of Chang Moo Kwan.




Enrolling in martial arts class creates a strong foundation for a person to build onto.  It is especially important for young students since they are starting their life long habits and finding their balance. Of course this studio takes this idea very seriously and we want the journey that you have asked us to take with you to be pleasant, enjoyable and long lasting.  That does not mean it is going to be easy but I promise it is going to be positive.  If you take this class seriously you will find that in your other sports activities you will be better due to the stances we teach as well as balance.  Your ability to concentrate longer and retain information will be greater.  The more you give into Chang Moo Kwan the more you will get out of it exponentially.




This book will prepare and guide the student from White Belt thru Black Belt.  As the student progresses into each new belt level they will receive more pages to put into their book.  I believe it is easier to carry smaller books so I have started with a 1 inch binder if it becomes full then just buy another 1 inch binder at the store or ask me and I will supply you another binder for $5.


The Binders is arranged with basic information in the front, Cover letter, Calendar and some general information.  The 2nd section will be all the color belt level information.  The 3rd section is reference material you collect and the last section should be their writing / research.


A Black Belt signifies perfection.  When a student receives a 1st degree (Dan) Black Belt it means that they have mastered the basics.  The question is what are the basics.  The basics for the physical body are that at student can perform the forms with proper stances and punching in the correct manner according to the form.  They can perform the basic techniques we teach as well as create their own for street fighting situations.  They will break a board with a kick at least.  They must be able to not only stand and fight but be able to do some basic ground techniques.  A Black Belt must be strong to protect himself therefore there are physical fitness requirements for each color belt change.  A color belt change is from at Master Yellow test, Master 1st Red Test and Provisional Black Belt test. And of course Black Belt test.


Not only do we build the physical part of a person but we build the mental side.  This comes in the form of the class etiquette, focusing during forms as well as the writing requirements.


When a student advances to the next level, they will receive a information packet that describes their requirements for the next test.  If there is something very important and takes more time to prepare, for example they need to be able to do 25  pushups, sit ups and leg lifts to advance to a Master Yellow.  I will tell you that in the white belt book and that gives them approximately 6 – 9 months to prepare.  If they have quotes to memorize or information to write I will tell you ahead of time maybe one or two belts early to prepare.


This book is dynamic and is always changing.  The book you have received will be somewhat the same but hopefully different in the future.  As we develop we also change.  Therefore this book will change.  Do not compare this book to others because we all walk a different path but we have a final goal and that is to be as good as we can.


Just like comparing books do not compare yourself  to others you are an individual and you all have special talents.  You need to overcome your own obstacles in life and take your own journey.  My goal is to help you over your hurdles and create a wonderful journey with our program.  It could be for a few months or it could be for many years the choice is yours.


Congratulations again on taking the first step to self defense, stronger self esteem and self empowerment.







David W. Johns

Head Instructor

6th Dan Black Belt