Where Do I Start?

Where do I Start?

Where do you start? Right where you are.  You can not be anywhere else except where you are.  A lot of people say “I want this”  ”I want to do that”  but they have not done anything to get them there.  Life gives you what you put into it.  If you just see a persons picture and you want there lifestyle how can you do that without putting in the time they put in to achieve what they have achieved.   When I was a high school student I was a swimmer.  I love to swim.  I competed for three years but I was never the “A” swimmer because I never put in the time.  Great swimmer start at a very young age and they compete year round.  Michael Phelps what an incredible athlete.  I would love to have the fame he has had and be an incredible swimmer like him but how could I be?  I did not put in the time.  I did not put in the time to teach my nerve cells to place my hands perfectly in the water and to be able to turn my arms over in the water as quick as he does.  I have not learned to kick as powerful as he does.  The real secret to Michael Phelps is, there is no secret.  There is dedication, There are good habits there are goals and there is perfect practice.  A long body with big arms and hands helps.  The truth is there are no secrets.  The truth to the smart student who receives good grades is he practices.  As a student practices he builds habits.  When you build good habits you make better choices.  As you make better choices you succeed in the area you choose to succeed in.

A great book if you want to read about successful people is called “The Outliers by Malcom Gladwell,  Malcom states that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be good at something.  If you look at most successful people they have spent at least their 10,000 hours training for whatever it is they do.

Lance Armstrong says his secret to winning 7 tour de france? Practice.  ”The season starts the day after the Tour de France is over”.

Are you ready to start?   You have to start today.  When you are ready you will not wait until tomorrow you will start today.  The quicker and deeper the practice the quicker you will achieve what you desire.  The interesting part is your goals will change as you build self confidence.  Today you are at a certain level.  You are at a higher level than some of you peers and you are lower then others.  You want to elevate yourself to a new level.  You have to start where you are.  The fun part is you get to move up to different levels where you can see better and change your goals to better goals.  The higher you are the better you can see but the bad part is if you are at a high level and you do not have the foundation to get there it will be scary.  This is where successful people fail and fall down and can not get back up.  If you build a strong foundation it does not matter if you fail you will get back up and continue.

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